Revised and Adopted Spring 2016

Wake Radio exists to inform and entertain the Wake Forest community while educating its members in the day-to-day operations of a college radio station. Those who work for Wake Radio are responsible for maintaining the standards accepted in the field of professional broadcasting and specified by the Federal Communications Commission, as well as Wake Radio’s general regulations prescribed here. Wake Radio shall serve the Wake Forest community with music, news, and programming of special interest to said community, including Winston-Salem. The station will provide Wake Forest students with hands-on experience in all aspects of college radio. Wake Radio offers Wake Forest students who show initiative and creativity a place to exercise their gifts and abilities while serving the university.

Wake Radio shall strive to foster an environment of “Pro Humanitate.”

Article I: Name

The name of this student-run radio station shall be “Wake Radio, the student voice of Wake Forest University,” until such circumstances as becoming an FM-band station shall require a change in the call letters of the station.

Article II: Membership

Any Wake Forest University student or member of the university community can join the staff of Wake Radio regardless of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. This station shall establish, maintain, and carry out a positive program of practices designed to ensure equal opportunity and station diversity in every aspect of station involvement.

Membership in Wake Radio is renewable each semester, and new members are welcomed at the beginning of each semester. All members are required to pass training exercises designed to ensure quality announcing and to attend all regular staff meetings.

Article III: Executive Staff

The Wake Radio Executive Staff shall be comprised of those persons deemed capable of leading and overseeing the general management of the station. To qualify, one must have already completed on active semester as a staff member. Offices held include: Station Manager, Business Manager, Staff Manager, Program Director, Music Director, Assistant Music Director, Public Relations and Advertising Director, Technical Manager, and Publications Director.

The Executive Staff will also include the organization’s faculty advisor.

Section One: Station Manager

The Station Manager shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the station and shall have the final say in matters of policy. They should run all weekly general staff and Executive Staff meetings and oversee the Executive Staff. They should also be responsible for delegating responsibility to the other Executive Staff members and for planning and organizing retreats. The Station Manager is responsible for executing new ideas developed by the Executive Staff, and serves as the liaison to the administration. The Station Manager shall be the liaison to the Wake Forest Media Board. Finally, they are responsible for the direction and representation of Wake Radio and must have at least one semester of prior Executive Staff experience. The Station Manager should be responsible for the upkeep of the station during the summer months. If they are unable to run the station during the summer, they must find another member of the Executive Staff to do so.

Section Two: Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for Wake Radio’s business transactions— commercial sales, donations, and production. They are also responsible for seeing that Wake Radio receives due money for all DJ and equipment rental services, that Wake Radio pays its bills promptly, and is responsible for developing new innovation on the business side, such as new sales strategies and effective process management. They ensure that all business obligations are fulfilled: commercials, billing, and posting commercials to the program log, they must also keep the Station Manager informed of all business activities at Wake Radio.

Section Three: Staff Manager

The Staff Manager is responsible for all matters pertaining to the general staff. The staff manager

sees that all radio show shifts are filed, trains new staff, and takes care of all disciplinary actions. The Staff Manager is responsible for reserving rooms for meetings, acquiring needed supplies, updating the keycard access list and alumni records, and any other activities pertaining to the upkeep of alumni records. They maintain on-going training and development for disc jockeys with workshops, etc., and should be, along with the Technical Manager, available for disc jockeys during on-air time for consultation and emergencies. Finally, the Staff Manager must have the ability to maintain a staff review and is always the advocate for the general staff.

Section Four: Program Director

The Program Director is responsible for ensuring that general staff members attend their shows, maintaining professional or near-professional quality shows by establishing guidelines for proper on-air etiquette and enforcing them, reviewing shows as necessary. They should work with the Staff Manager to account for attendance points at the end of each semester to allow staff members to choose show times for the next semester fairly. They must develop and produce commercials, public service announcements, and special on-air non-live promotions for Wake Radio in collaboration with the PR Director. The Program Director is responsible for handling all financial contributions to the station that are acknowledged on the air, and should work with the Business Director to ensure payment to Wake Radio.

Section Five: Music Director

The Music Director is responsible for maintaining the playlist in NexGen. This requires communicating with record labels and promoters. Relationships must be established that promote Wake and secure the receipt of a constant flow of new music. Office Hours must be held weekly in order to maintain a good relationship. The Music Director must also report the high rotation playlist to CMJ Music Magazine each week before 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday. The Music Director for any given academic year shall decide whether there shall be one or two Assistant Music

Section Six: Assistant Music Director

The Assistant Music Director(s) are responsible for providing help and backup to the primary Music Director, including maintaining the NexGen Library, maintaining relations with promoters through weekly office hours, and the general upkeep of the “stacks”.

Section Seven: Public Relations & Advertising Director

The Public Relations director must develop and maintain external relations with all campus organizations, as well as make posters, banners, flyers, t-shirts, stickers and other promotional materials. They must strive to promote on-campus and local musical talent, as well as local concerts. They are in charge of Wake Radio’s social media pages. They must also work to increase Wake Radio’s listenership and provide content for the website and social media pages.

Section Eight: Technical Manager

The Technical Manager is responsible for the general upkeep of the technical aspects of the station, including maintaining and cleaning all non-computer related equipment. Additionally, the Technical Manager is responsible for the upkeep of the NexGen software system (incl. contacting their technical support team). In conjunction with the Business Manager, they should maintain contracts and ensure the proper software payments due. The Technical Manager is also responsible for the studio computer and server, making sure it is working proficiently on a daily basis. If new equipment is necessary, they will work with the Station Manager and Business Manager to purchase the necessary items. They must have their number posted in the station to receive technical support calls from Gen. Staff.

The Technical Manager is also responsible for maintaining the Wake Radio website: []. They must maintain and improve the website throughout their term and should advance its capabilities as deemed fit. This also includes coordinating with the Staff Manager to maintain an up-to-date weekly show schedule.

Section Nine: Publications Director

The Publications Director will be in charge of the Sound Judgment Column in the Old Gold and Black as well as the Zine. They should collect articles from the Wake Radio community and then send them to the Old Gold and Black for the column. The Zine should be compiled and posted on the Wake Radio Tumblr and on the website (in PowerPoint or another compatible format) at least twice a semester. Submissions can include but are not limited to poetry, photos, drawings, or any combination of these and other modes of artistic expression. When applicable, the artist in question must be given credit. The Publications Director can schedule meetings or organize via email, whichever proves to be the most effective in a given semester. NOTE: This position shall be held by a rising sophomore only.

Article IV: Election Process

The elections for all executive staff positions shall be at the second general staff meeting after Spring Break. The election shall be announced at least two meetings in advance and the General Staff shall be informed of the qualifications of the Executive Staff positions at that time. All nominations must be announced at least one week prior to elections in order to be eligible for candidacy. Endorsement of a particular candidate by the Station Manager is expressly forbidden. Candidates may speak for a maximum of two minutes, should they wish the opportunity. The current Executive Staff reserves the right to accept or reject applications at its own discretion. The election itself shall be by secret ballot for all positions. The election for Station Manager shall be held first in order to allow those candidates who desire to run for this position and others to be able to do so. In order to be elected Station Manager, or any other Executive Staff position, a candidate must receive two-thirds of the votes cast that evening, and for the election to be official there must be at least three-quarters of the active general staff present. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes will become the new Station Manager. In the event that there is only one candidate for Station Manager, that candidate must receive two-thirds of the votes. If the candidate does not receive the two-thirds vote, then the Executive Staff will nominate an eligible candidate to be voted on the following meeting. All positions are to be held for a full academic year with the understanding that the semester of election is a training period in which both the outgoing and ingoing officers work in tandem. Any person seeking re-election to their post is subject to the same election process as that of new candidates. Wake Radio will hold weekly meetings on Sunday evenings (in a location prescribed by the Internal Affairs Director), run by the Station Manager. These meetings are to be attended by the General Staff, and business will include all votes to be taken on policy, elections, and information sessions on the status of the station (ads, promotions, concerts, events, etc.). The Executive Staff meetings are to be held weekly (before the General Staff meeting) in the station, and business will include formation of station policy and other executive matters. Provisions for calling special meetings as needed lies with the Station Manager and the Internal Affairs

Article VI: Fairness Doctrine

The Fairness Doctrine is contained in section 315(a) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, which provides that broadcasters have certain obligations to afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance.

Article VII: Ratification

In order to be ratified, this Constitution must pass by a three-fourths vote by the Executive Staff with all members voting, and by a two-thirds majority vote when at least three-quarters of the General Staff is present. All ratifications are subject to final approval by the Student Life Any By-laws must be first passed with a unanimous vote by the Executive Staff and then passed by a two-thirds vote of the General Staff with at least three-quarters present.

Article IX: Amendments

This Constitution, or any part thereof, may be repealed, amended, altered, or adopted in the following process. All amendments must be proposed to the Executive Staff and passed by a three-fourths vote by the Executive Staff with all members voting. The proposed amendment must then be put up for approval by the general staff. It may only be pass by a two-thirds majority when at least three-quarters of the general staff is present and voting. All amendments are subject to final approval by the Student Life Committee.

I. When you accept a position at Wake Radio, you are expected to commit yourself for an entire semester, maintaining full responsibility as a member of the general staff, If the staff member has accepted the responsibility of a show, then that disc jockey is responsible for the content and maintenance of the show, Report 10 minutes before the show time to pull records, check the previous show logs (so as not to play the same songs), etc. Note any damage to station materials in the show log. All show logs must be clear and concise. Public service announcements must be played as designated in the program log.

II. If one is on the air and is not relieved by the next disc jockey, you should stay on duty until you have made contact with that disc jockey or found a substitute for the show time. If they are unable to attend their show, turn on NexGen’s automatic play button. If a staff member notices that nothing is broadcasting, then they must notify the Staff Manager of this violation.

III. Under no circumstances should you leave the station unattended or allow an unauthorized person to enter or take your place.

IV. Under no circumstances are records, CDs, equipment, or other items to be taken out of the station without the consent of an Executive Staff member.

V. Equipment failure should be reported to the Technical Manager. If they cannot be reached, contact the Staff Manager or the Station Manager.

VI. IIMPORTANT: Wake Radio does not condone profanity, obscenity, slurs of any type, or vulgarity of any type while on or off air (Wake Radio-sponsored events). Pre-recorded material (incl. explicit music) with profanity may be played after 10 p.m., as long as the after-hours announcement has been made.

VII. Guest List Policy: The disc jockey on air must sign in all guests to the designated area on the Program Schedule. The disc jockey is responsible for all activity that occurs during their show time. This includes on air and off air behavior. Non-Wake Radio staff cannot operate the technical equipment in the studio.

VIII. The disciplinary policies of Wake Radio general staff shall be as follows:

– Dismissal is the termination of the staff member’s involvement with Wake Radio.

– Suspension consists of a two-week hiatus from said offender’s show, they must find a substitute for the show times that will be missed. During the hiatus, the offender must re- organize and alphabetize one determined section of the CD library. If, after the second week of suspension, all requirements for reinstatement are not fulfilled, then the suspension shall continue until the requirements are met, If the offender does not locate a substitute for his show times, they will count as a missed show time and will result in

– NOTE: Warnings do not carry from academic year to academic year, but do last for a full


The violations that result in immediate dismissal are:

1. Destruction of Wake Radio property (i.e. technical equipment and furniture)

2. The use of inappropriate language on-air (discretion is given to the Program Director)

3. Theft of property (e.g. CDs, vinyls, recording equipment, etc.)

4. Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs in the offices and studios of Wake Radio


The violations that result in warning after the first offense, suspension after the second offense, and dismissal following the third offense are:

1. Missed show time


The violations that result in warning after the first and second offense, suspension after the third offense, and dismissal following the fourth offense are:

1. Missed meetings

2. Not playing 50% from the playlist

2. Not playing 50% from the playlist

3. Eating and drinking in the studio

4. Leaving the studio disheveled

Upon the commission of any offense that results in a warning, suspension, or dismissal, the offender must sign an affirmation of their guilt.

Also, if a member of the General Staff receives two suspensions of any kind in one academic year, upon their third threat of suspension, they will then be dismissed.