Weekly Mixtape 04/04/17

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1. Orthodox Man – Blaenavon: really fun alt rock with personal lyrics that’s accessible for everyone!
2. The Two of Us – The Jesus and Mary Chain: after a 19 year hiatus this cult classic band is back with a more mature sound and simple alt rock
3. New Voodoo – Big Brutus: this is heavier than the other songs on the album, but it features shoegaze-esque soundscapes, an organ, and crazy horn layering
4. Get Ready – The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer: think the Black Keys mixed with Grouplove. it’s a little electronic but very bluesy
5. Whitby – The Octopus Project: the new album isn’t on spotify, but this synth heavy song sounds a lot like their new album that’s available in the station
6. Everyday – Connor Youngblood, Nylo: dope and uplifting song with affecting lyrics, a fun mandolin part, and really cool layering of drum parts that made Abby cry
7. Total Entertainment Forever – Father John Misty: a storyteller for our generation, FJM makes at least one fun song from his new album that critiques new technology and its effect on our relationships with each other
8. Cascade – Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2: Progressive jazz duo meets the chillwave/alt rocker Toro y Moi in what makes for some of the most interesting music of the year so far
9. Ricochet – Lydia Ainsworth: indie electro-pop with a moody twist. really surprising smooth production from someone unknown who will undoubtedly blow up soon
10. Way Back – Amber Mark: R&B dance tracks that you will hear in Forever 21 stores very soon. it’s really damn good

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