Weekly Mixtape 03/28/17

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1. A Portrait Of – Sorority Noise: Badass rock song. Not a whole lot to say.

2. I Don’t Wanna Go – Coco Hames: indie girl garage rock with a tinge of pop for the perfect spring jam

3. Broken Horse – Freelance Whales: oldie but goodie about a girl who doesn’t tell anyone she’s sick

4. Clay – The Garden: is he singing? Is he rapping? Are you weirded out? Who knows! Enjoy the song!

5. Keep It Real – CRi: smooth groovy electro for the chillest of vibes

6. Barely Floating – Coucheron: heavily produced electro pop jam that is a highkey bop

7. Get You – Daniel Caesar: beautiful R&B singer who has one impressive range, it’s a groove

8. Fourth of July – Sufjan Stevens: Sufjan has this rambling way of singing about his memories and feelings. mostly he’s depressed, hopeless, and envious of those who can forget and love again

9.Third of May/Odaigahara – Fleet Foxes: everyone’s favorite folk band are back for another rambling song with amazing harmonies

10. Real Death – Mount Eerie: here’s a man who has not only lost everything, he’s committed to embracing that feeling to encapsulate true despair in song. this album is heartbreakingly beautiful. listen at your own risk

11. Cynicism – Nana Grizol: a beautiful uplifting song that pulls you out of your slump with every blaring trumpet. this is their classic from their older material since their new music isn’t on spotify yet

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