Weekly Mixtape 3/21/17

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1. Can You Deal? – Bleached: …..this song is just really fun, you’ll have fun listening to it. Loud guitars, sweet vocals, its just a great rock song

2. Ubu – Methyl Ethel: an infectiously catchy song that is fun to drive to and dance to

3. Closedloop – Elliot Moss: this electronic song swells and sounds as if the singer is waiting for high tide, only to be engulfed in a storm

4. An Answer For Everything – Tim Kasher: BEAUTIFUL Piano/Strings ballad with Ben Folds-esque theatrical songwriting

5. Stained Glass – Real Estate: this cheerful song plays with reverb on guitar rhythms that sound more like they’re coming from a harpsichord

6. L’Heure des Sorcieres – Methyl Ethel: this song gets pretty dissonant and reminds me of a long Radiohead ballad

7. Let Down – Radiohead: track 5 of Ok Computer makes being disappointed sound like a computerized choir singing praise

8. Wasted on Fidelity – Cameron Avery: FJM vibes but with a more mature and orchestral sound. Its something youll hum to yourself for days after you listen

9. Lonely – Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers: these guys are a bunch of goofballs and this song will cheer you up no matter what mood you’re in

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