Weekly Mixtape 02/07/17

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1. Blood On Me, Sampha, if ya’ll ain’t woke yet ya’ll about to be. this is beautiful, introspective, and important.

2. Wolfie, Golden Features, gloomy synths that create delicate, headphone-worthy dance music

3. Call Me Up, Homeshake, this dude makes chill music with cheesy sound effects but it’s dope. especially if you like Mac Demarco and Bibio

4. Welcome o the Grind, Intelligenz, Female MC with a NASTY flow who opened for SLICK MF’IN RICK on his last tour. Brings back some really classic hip hop vibes, especially in the hook

5. Magnificent (She Says), Elbow, theatrical experimental indie, v chill

6. Bad Catholics, The Menzingers, My pop punk sensibilities were touched on this track. Very interesting vocal performance and catchy melodies abound.

7. Radio Kids, Strand of Oaks, Finally, a song about us!! Very simple lyrics on this straightforward, washed-out rock song, but it still hits home, yknow?!?

8. Who Knew What, Kate Vargas, folk and banjos and a lady and mild brooding

9. Timmy’s Prayer, Sampha, this is my favorite track from the new album. it’s a song featuring heavy piano, but it feels orchestral, disjointed, and spiritual. it’s just the best. Don’t miss out on Process

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