Weekly Mixtape 01/31/17

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1. This Old Dog, Mac Demarco, yo honestly this is totally different from anything he’s ever done. I’m not sure if I like it but it’s very acoustic and minimalistic. still that good ol’ MAC tho
2. No More Cryin’, The Molochs, its kinda like if Bright Eyes wrote 19th Nervous Breakdown by The Rolling Stones, but way less depressing than you would think

3. Simple Love, The Dig, this song is almost baroque and classical with the chord progression, except with synths. I love this song and the 2nd act when it changes completely

4. Ninth Night, Wolf People, Super hazy and dramatic, with direct influences from the prog, psych, and classic rock bands of the previous generation.

5. Near to the Wild Heart of Life, Japandroids, noisy guitars and grandiose, sweeping choruses signify that, yes, this is a japandroids song. And, yes, it does kick ass.

6. 20th Century Boy, Ty Segall, bruh the new album rocks I swear. this is an old track from 2015’s album, Ty Rex. very intense lo-fi garage rock

7. Pull Me, The Modern Savage, female pop with a little punk that makes my soul so happy

8. Matter of Time, Surfer Blood, these surfy indie rockers are back with happy go lucky tunes that nonetheless feature dirty guitar hooks and time signature changes

9. Me Now, Denzel Curry, Lil Yachty esque lowkey banger that is sure to get you through those all nighters in ZSR

10. My Old Man, Mac Demarco, YOOO he released two singles for the new album. I’m so pysched. this song is different in the same way, but features a light, poppy synth arpeggiating sofly in the background

11. You Won’t Know Where You Stand, Aquilo, bruh honestly this is the best. incredible vocals where you can hear this artist pouring his soul out into these electro-pop songs that also have a heavy hand in funk rhythms and a beautiful M83-esque atmosphere that surrounds every note

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