Weekly Mixtape 01/24/2017

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1. Out of My Head, The Griswolds, mainstream indie pop rock that will not get out of your head. forreal. listen at your own risk. (you should, it’s dope)

2. Loud, Coucheron, its like Misterwives and Manatee Commune and it’s poppy and a bop and has been stuck in my head for the past 72 hours so

3. Over Do It, Canon, slick produced rap track with awesome, constantly changing flows

4. Dead Legs, Active Bird Community, these guys sound like Wavves. Everything is lethargic and all at once angry

5. Modern Act, Cloud Nothings, these guys have toured with Wavves and you’re going to love the energy of this new track

6. Nuclear Bomb, Cherry Glazerr, I promise its a really good song once you get past the music video. Dreamy and colossal at the same time, the band puts together their best and most cohesive track yet.

7. Vinta, Crumb, these are guys are totally unknown right now but if you like female vocalists and indie rock this is def for you. I LOVE THIS

8. We A Famly, The Flaming Lips, their best album in a long time sees them experimenting with modern electronic techniques and going heavy on the synthesizer in this song while still singing heady melodies

9. Say Something Loving, The xx, sure this was really from last week but come on this album is just so good. I’m in love with this song

10. I Am Only A Man, Shy Girls, the lowkeyest of jams, it’s groovy as heck and hella smooth
11. I Give You Power, Arcade Fire, the legendary band is back with their first single. maybe it’ll grow on me

12. Pure Comedy, Father John Misty, This track is so different from Real Life Baby because it’s actually what I expect from a FJM song. it’s all at once beautiful, foreboding, critical, and hilarious

13. Avalon, Foxygen, a SUPER 60’s inspired song that sounds like “a more exciting Lemon Twigs” according to Anthony Fantano. Currently Tommy’s favorite song on Hang!

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