Weekly Mixtape 11/15/16

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1. Relevance, Fairchild, Dark 80’s vibes but a banger at the same time. Very guitar, much synth, so much dance!

2. On Hold, The xx, They’re back! this time featuring more sampling from jamie xx. it’s a jam

3. Up/Down, Heimer, experimental edm that plays around with dissonance and de-tuned sound effects

4. Yamborghini High, A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky leads and the rest of the mob follow. this track is dedicated to the late A$AP Yams

5. Collide, Kastle, EDM + Stomp. Tis dope.

6. Man on the Moon, Zella Day, SHE IS MY QUEEN AND SHOULD BE YOURS TOO. folksy vocals but a high key psychedelic track that will fill your heart

7. Orphan, Mickey Theis, Kind of like an folksy version of Beirut? Listen if you dig acoustic guitar, brass sections, and strings

8. The Glow, Matt Pond Pa, drive through mountains. feel at peace with your soul. IT IS FALL AND CHRISTMAS NEXT WEEK (? not sure if abby knows it’s not)

9. Telephone Calls, A$AP Mob, this is just dope, I had to. It features
Tyler the Creator

10. Congratulations (ft. Quavo), Post Malone, Post Malone does his usual dark sounding hip-hop thing. There is both a clean and explicit version so you can play it any time of day!

11. Smacks United, Heimer, more EDM but damn I love the beat. “i’m gonna fuck you in the amnesia” play it after 10, kitties.

12. I Broke Up in Amarante, Los Campesinos!, this is MANDATORY LISTENING. if you haven’t listened to the peasants before make sure to do it today!

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