Weekly Mixtape 10/26/16

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Not Ur Fault, Zion I, this one’s the lowkeyest on the album but kind of Kendrick-esque? it’s dope

Clear, Pusher, so. good. indie electro pop, basically Mura Masa but even more hype

If I Ever, Orchin, Upbeat “sound pop” that makes no sense, but that’s because Orchin is trying to reach your soul via emotions

Utopia, Austra, For those who love neon night, this one is full of heavy synth and 808’s for all the 80’s lovers of the world

Tiers, Dusky, also for lovers of Neon Night. this song is reminiscent of oldschool Brit house or original dubstep. don’t think skrillex, think chill and carefully mixed drums

Hard Times, Motorama, this band is also heavy on synth parts but also has a larger focus on somber guitars. they sound just like the Cure

Five Minutes, Her, M83 but a little Hazier, Russell metathis is for you

Djorolen/Union of Sun and Moon, GOAT, Basically a 60’s jam band, but from Sweden and claims to be the reincarnations of former band members and is a cult and no one knows who they are ???

I Wanna Prove To You, The Lemon Twigs, for lovers of Foxygen and The Beatles. Seriously, this is my favorite song to have received from radio since Chateau Lobby #4 by Father John Misty

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