Exclusive Interview with Dan French


Dan French will be performing his one-man health and comedy show, “The Comedian’s Diet”, on November 6th, from 8-9:30 in Pugh Auditorium, brought to campus by the Fitness Department. He will share his story on how he lost 125lbs while using humor to educate people on ways to live a healthy lifestyle and America’s obesity problem.  Dan began to lose weight when he started listening to what obesity researchers were actually saying as opposed to mainstream dietary advice. This included cutting out all foods made by American corporations and learning how to cook.




“It’s amazing, treating your diseases nutritionally, instead of popping a pill prescribed by a doctor, and you realizing that you’ve probably created your illness though the food that you’ve been eating. You know when you eat toxic food over years and years, it has all sorts of crazy, inflammatory effects.  And so in three decades, [the nation] has tripled its obesity rates following mainstream advice, so it doesn’t work, and we need some new information.”

Despite his personal successes, Dan admits that losing weight in this culture is a big challenge:

“It is really hard. It is really hard for anybody…you know our culture is really really good at pushing food, they attack you from every sense, bombarding you with visuals, smells, remembering how tastes make you feel…. And they’re cheap… it’s all around you, and it’s never going to get easy…”

Losing weight will never get easy so long as getting calorie-dense, nutrient deficient fast food continues to be so readily available.

“Consumption based culture Getting food is too easy- we should chase our quarter pounders across the Sahara.” *laugh*

Dan had a penchant for making me laugh, so I asked him about his process for writing standup comedy.

“And my brain naturally likes to turn things into comedy. I like playfulness with language, I like finding jokes and talking to people and finding the humor in it. But I also have a Ph.D in rhetoric so I’m kind of half analytical and intellectual and half… clown. My friend calls it mouth clown. And when those two comes together like in this nutritional stuff, that’s when it gets really fun to me. Because I really get to learn a lot of stuff… and I naturally start to process it into comedy.”

Again, Dan French will be performing November 6th from 8-9:30 pm in Pugh Auditorium. He encourages everyone to come out to his show to have a great time while learning something new that can help you stay healthy for a lifetime.


Watch below for some teasers from the stand-up he will be performing on Wednesday!


Interview and write-up by Pam Clough

Song: “Too Much Food” – Jason Mraz




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